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Get all the versatility you need in luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) provides a great deal of versatility in flooring options. Not only can you choose from a material that easily mimics a variety of natural materials, but you'll also have highly artistic colors, designs, and patterns at your disposal as well. That means matching the decor of any room is going to be an easy task. You'll also get functional floors that are durable enough to stand up to the daily routine of your household, while still looking great in the meantime. The fact is, if you compare your own requirements with the many benefits this material has to offer, you're likely to find the perfect answer to all your flooring needs.

Carpet Masters stands ready to assist you with all your flooring needs. We offer an extensive variety of high-quality flooring materials, excellent services to go along with them, and customer service that will never leave you less than satisfied. We also have an in-house design team, remodeling experts, and our installers are professionals who are fully licensed and insured, having worked for us for many years. We invite you to visit us at our Saint Joseph, Missouri showroom location, from where we serve the communities of Savannah, Cameron, and Atchison. Come see us and find out how our dedication to service sets us apart from other flooring stores.

Luxury vinyl flooring for all your spaces

No matter how small or how big your flooring project is, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are the perfect material for every space. For decor matching, you can choose appearances that mimic ceramic & porcelain tile, a variety of stone, and solid hardwood flooring as well. The variety in these materials alone opens an extensive set of appearance options. However, you can also choose from a variety of other decorative appearances for those who prefer something other than the natural look.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers excellent durability in both its overall construction as well as its protective wear layer. With a strong backing layer and core for stable functionality, the design layer is laid atop that, followed by the wear layer. You'll see fewer dings like scratches and fading and find that your floors look like new for years to come.

For all the peace of mind you could possibly ask for when it comes to flooring, be sure to ask about waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. Completely impervious to water or water damage, these floors can easily be placed in basements, laundry rooms, mud rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens with no worries that water will ever create an issue.

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