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Hardwood refinishing


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Hardwood refinishing in St. Joseph, MO

The team at Carpet Masters thinks your hardwood floor should always look stunning, even after years in your home. To keep them looking luxurious residents in the St. Joseph, Savannah, Cameron and Atchinson communities should take advantage of our hardwood floor refinishing service. Time catches up to everyone and everything, and your hardwood floors are no different. Refinishing them will give them a shine and bring some of that beauty back from the past.

Don't let your hardwood floors suffer anymore. Let's give them new life and make you proud of your floors. After we refinish your hardwood floors they will be as stunning as they day you purchased them. The professionals at Carpet Masters are familiar with all the refinishing processes and are efficient with all the equipment. That translates into a seamless project for your home.

What happens to hardwood to make it need refinishing?

  • Continual use, without proper care can damage your hardwood floors
  • The lack of regular maintenance - sweeping, dust mopping, etc
  • Dropping large items or moving furniture

All of these things contribute to a dull looking floor, with no shimmer or shine. Carpet Masters can restore the beauty to those hardwood floors through expert, inexpensive hardwood flooring refinishing. The reason it loses its shine is pretty simple. Hardwood flooring is covered with a urethane base, which gives them a shine and resilience. Unfortunately this cover or coating gets worn down over time, making the wood look dull.

If you are noticing that your hardwood floor is losing it's luster and going downhill fast (in terms of beauty) you shouldn't wait any longer. Contact the Carpet Masters and you will find our convenient service is just what your hardwood floor ordered. Our team conducts this service in the St. Joseph, Savannah, Cameron, Atchinson areas. Residents in need of the service should not hesitate.
Hardwood Refinishing in Saint Joseph, MO area from Carpet Masters

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Let's add your home to one of our numerous happy clients in the St. Joseph, Savannah, Cameron, and Atchinson communities. Let's plan your hardwood refinishing project today. Contact us, e-mail us at or check us out at our showroom.