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The luxury of hardwood flooring

The installation of solid hardwood flooring in your home will transform any space with an elegance that few floorings can mimic. Not only does it provide a timeless look that goes with just about every imaginable decor, but it offers a great variety of benefits, and a lifespan that means you'll probably never have another floor covering installed after these. They are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and have characteristics you'll come to know and love. Additionally, they add great value to your home. Whether you're passing the home down through the family or planning to sell, it will certainly pay off.

Carpet Masters is your one-stop shop for flooring, offering excellent product selection and related services. In addition to high-quality flooring, you'll find that we also provide design assistance, professional flooring installation by our own licensed and insured installers, and even remodeling services for all aspects of your home. From our Saint Joseph, Missouri showroom location, we serve the communities of Savannah, Cameron, and Atchison as well. We'd love it if you would visit us and allow us the opportunity to earn your business as well. You'll find that we strive for 100% customer service and work hard to meet all your unique flooring requirements.

Hardwood offers a variety of options

We should start off by pointing out that solid hardwood flooring cannot be installed in below-ground spaces like basements. If you have spaces like this that need to be floored, we can introduce you to a variety of alternative products, such as engineered flooring or wood-look luxury vinyl that will keep the continuity throughout your home.

For the rest of your spaces, you should be sure to pick the wood species that meet the specific activity and traffic levels of your home. Species are rated from soft to hard, with harder species, of course, being rated for busier areas. Choosing too soft a wood can create premature wear and damage that wouldn't otherwise happen. Your flooring professional will be more than happy to point you in the right direction for this important decision.

Picking a great stain color is another exciting option you'll have to consider and it's important to know that color options can vary. For instance, if you choose prefinished materials for your floors, you'll have an installation that's finished quicker, but your stain color options will be more limited than if you choose site-finished materials.

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