You might think that because waterproof flooring is oblivious to water damage, you can clean them any way you’d like. However, there are some specifics you should keep in mind before you begin any cleaning process, and we want to tell you more.

Waterproof flooring is easy to clean with these tips

Be sure to consider your manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning your waterproof laminate flooring, steering clear of cleaners that are abrasive or chemically harsh. In most cases, a simple broom and mop will give you the like-new appearance you want for your floors.

Even if you use a low heat setting, make sure to avoid using steam mops for your waterproof vinyl flooring. While the material can withstand the water, the heat can cause problems and damage, so it’s not worth taking the chance.

You can protect your floors from a great deal of dirt and debris by utilizing runners and area rugs, especially in your most active areas. These pieces trap and hold contaminants that might otherwise stain or scratch your flooring.

For the best results for your waterproof materials, be sure to consider professional cleaning services as often as necessary. We not only ensure a clean floor, but you’ll also be protected against damage that can be caused by using cleaners and tools that aren’t designed for these floors.

Don’t have waterproof flooring yet?

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