When only a marble look floor will do, luxury vinyl tile or plank could be just what you need. These floors create a fantastic visual that mimics this look in every way.

Even if you need different colors, these products could offer the perfect décor match or give you something new to build around. So take time to consider how this look could serve you best.

How does luxury vinyl look like marble?

The visual layer of luxury vinyl is printed by 3D laser printing technology that mimics the look and texture of various materials. Since marble has a unique look, you'll find this luxury vinyl plank version just as appealing.

Once in place, the image layer is covered by a wear layer and a protective top layer for ultimate protection. So, you can expect your marble look to remain for up to 20 years, with excellent results.

The benefits of a marble look

Marble look flooring is an excellent choice for areas that need a formal visual appearance. You can choose from various looking, with authentic veining, marbling, colors, and textures.

Each marble look is unique, so take the time to find the look you want or need most. This LVP flooring look also fits with many other décor schemes, including contemporary and eclectic.

Let us help you find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring

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