You'll love everything about luxury vinyl tile and plank if you love variety. You'll find many styles in this product line to meet your decor matching needs.

But you'll also find other benefits that will serve you well. And you'll appreciate finding out more about them.

The wood-look style

Some luxury vinyl features a construction that mimics all-natural solid hardwood. As a result, you'll see the same grain patterns, formats, and colors you might expect from nature itself.

Also, forms look the same as natural wood, with widths, lengths, and layouts you'll love. LVP is perfect for the chevron and herringbone installation patterns, for instance.

The stone-look style

Another popular trend is the stone-look style, which replicates various materials. Enjoy visuals of marble, travertine, concrete, or granite in any room of your home.

These floors also offer the option of grout or groutless installations. Your choice will depend on your decor preferences as you search the product line.

The decorative tile appeal

LVT also offers the appearance of a variety of decorative tile options. Moroccan, Arabesque, encaustic looks are trendy, popular, and work with any interior design.

Many homeowners choose this look to create a visual centerpiece. But it can also complement a more eclectic look, depending on the rest of your furnishings.

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